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Jul 17, 2018

Guest Jaclyn Marfuggi went through some SH*T to be here today.

Lindsey got straight-up burgled.

Rachel tells the story of sleeping with her manager.

Jackie went "free the nipple."

Lindsey and Rachel learn Plyojam from Jackie, then declare their candidacy for President of the United States. #OURTURN

Plus, the studio...

Jul 9, 2018

Hey, we got a question for you! Is the podcast too long, too short, or just the right size? Tell us at:

Rachel almost died on 4th of July.

So did Lindsey.

Rachel is willing to work like a European.

Lindsey is shocked at how all the kids today are shameless in their 90s bathing suits.


Jul 2, 2018

Listener Autumn gets her questchie answizzled. De-questchie your quizzles by scribbling us at:

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Jun 25, 2018

Listeners Joanne, Autumn and Kaylee get their confused and curious musings set right. Let us set your confusion straight by sending questies to: 

Lindsey discovers what's been happening in the news and decides she'd rather stay in another dimension.

Rachel and Lindsey both had negative...

Jun 19, 2018

Hedda gets her query unquizzled and Kat strikes fear with a Beat Blow Bring Home! Why don't you ask us some fear-inducing questions and see what we do?

The ladies are ready for a full time radio job.

Rachel declares Post Malone to be the Usher of his generation.

Lindsey was the guest on