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Lindsey McKeon and Rachel Paulson are Earth's oldest living millennials. They were adulting before it was cool. Now they're here to take you on a mid-30s journey, to teach you young'n's everything you ought to know to live your best life as a grown-ass millennial.

Strap in, kiddos.

Apr 15, 2019

Lindsey and Rachel compare pee color as they dive into filtered, unfiltered, bottled, tap, spring, raw, alkaline, electrolyte-enhanced and "Beyond" H2O.

Just because it's clear and tasteless doesn't mean it's all the same. Lindsey endores, where you can search for tap water contaminants by ZIP code....

Apr 1, 2019

Rachel and Lindsey digest the nutritional, medical, ethical, financial, mental, spiritual and romantic aspects of life without animal products.

Lindsey talks about going vegan with a thyroid problem, Rachel talks about going vegan for a girlfriend, and both talk about how mounting an ethical argument against vegans is...

Mar 18, 2019

Lindsey and Rachel tell you everything you need to know about pot, weed, cannabis, marijuana, CBD, THC, spliffs, joints, vaginal lube and whatevs.

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