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Jan 29, 2018

As always, send your Gay Vs Straight questions to:! This episode, Carrie, Hedda and Lily get their queries demystified. But first...

Lindsey discovers a crowdfunded bionic strap-on.

Rachel's hopped up on Moon Juice, and frankly, we should get a sponsorship deal out of it.

Lindsey somehow dislikes Beyonce but loves Gwyneth Paltrow.

Rachel recalls coming out to her mom via coitus interruptus (look it up), which makes her break into a cold sweat.

Lindsey vents her frustration over her husband forbidding her from naming their unborn children something fun, like Chicago or Adolf.

Plus, we play an All-Kardashian/Jenner Edition of Beat, Blow, Bring Home, and the girls recall their first kisses, first boyfriends, and Lindsey's first sexual harassment. Wherever that former 5-year-old is now, he's about to get #MeToo'd.

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