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Feb 19, 2018

As always, send your Gay Vs Straight questions to:! This episode, Carrie, Hikari and Hedda get their queries unquizzled. But first...

Lindsey and her husband almost got divorced over food.

Rachel wonders what Lindsey's dandruff tastes like.

Lindsey owns guns and it caused an argument with her trainer. Both ladies have some opinions on gun control after the most recent mass shooting.

Rachel wants to join Lindsey for a dance class, but worries it'll go even worse than her boxing lesson.

Lindsey and Rachel maybe shatter your world when they agree they hate Bruno Mars.

Then, a Female Comedian Edition of Beat, Blow, Bring Home...Guest starring the divine Ms. Robin Wright!

Finally, listener questions from Repeat Offenders explore how important having sex is to sexual identity, and whether a friend's penis may be preferable to a turkey baster for gay women looking to become moms.

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