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Mar 5, 2018

By the end of this episode, Lindsey and Rachel beg for your questions. Isn't that sad? You don't want them to be sad, do you? If you have no more questions to send, force 3 friends to listen to the podcast, then they can send their questions to:

But first...

Rachel used to wear long johns with penis pockets.

Lindsey says life is more fun the less fucks you give (metaphorically).

Rachel's acting teacher sent a weird, cryptic message because he may want her to look less gay.

Lindsey needs no vibrator, she orgasms in her dreams.

The ladies disagree on whether to take yoga classes from an overweight instructor.

Rachel insists on bringing back the segment "Tonight in LA", which includes The Abilities Expo, Bush Administration, Together We Mentor Tattoo Removal, and the Persian Immersion.

Then, in a Beat, Blow, Bring Home: RAP EDITION, Rachel and Lindsey both love Eminem and say "Byyyye Logic!"

Plus, at a random time in this episode, Lindsey McKeon will HOCK A LOOGIE into her napkin, live on air, and gross everybody right the fuck out.


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