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Mar 12, 2018

Lindsey and Rachel welcome their first guest: director/screenwriter Justin Michael Canel. Rachel hates people with 3 names, and Lindsey's there to remind Justin this isn't about him.

Rachel has a disclaimer: This is a comedy podcast, don't get offended. 

Justin reveals that men shart, so don't go down on them. 

The gang discusses Lindsey and Rachel's prospects in prison. They look good!

Justin accuses the podcast of suffering from A.D.D

Justin admits to a threesome with another man. Lindsey wants to know what he did with his hands and his penis. 

Justin is used to male-to-male intimacy because he is Latin. 

Then, on Tonight in LA – A Christmas Carol, The Snowball Party, Atlanta Takeover, Yoga in French.

Beat, Blow, Bring Home features Presidents and actresses with annoying faces. Not ugly per se...But annoying.

Finally, Lindsey and Rachel answer questions from their two biggest fans, and provide some advice for their future great great grandkids: "Be yourself bitch." 

We end with Rachel bringing up not being invited to Lindsey's birthday party, but forcing her way into an invite anyway.


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