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Mar 19, 2018

Super-fan Callie gets more questions de-quizzled! Pick it up, other listeners. Send your gay, straight, bi or undecided questions direct to the Bitches:

Rachel discusses her ejaculation situation.

Lindsey’s husband is out of town, so her social calendar is jammed, but the Tesla’s on the fritz.

Rachel spit in Gwyneth Paltrow’s coffee, but for a VERY good reason.

Lindsey has a new 90-year-old gentleman friend.

Rachel observes that they never really hang out as friends.

Lindsey doesn’t think Rachel should use the R-word, but it’s all good because she’s just quoting the Real Housewives.

Tonight In L.A.: Punky Reggae Party, Life Writing Class, Ass-cat, and DJ Paw!

Beat, Blow, Bring Home: Supermodels, 90s Celebs, and Hot African-American Actresses, oh my!

Plus, Rachel still wasn’t invited to Lindsey’s birthday party, and the Bitches aren’t done with Laura Prepon.


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