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Apr 2, 2018

New listener Katie just binged the show, so we are honored to A her right in the Qs! If you're looking to get A'd good, present those Qs to:

Rachel almost died today.

Lindsey's mom is in town, which is just as bad.

Rachel discusses her wrist tattoo.

Lindsey is going to the Ukraine to have stem cells injected into her body, presumably to become a superhero.

The ladies cannot manage to Facebook Live and podcast at the same time.

Tonight In L.A.: Release the Bats, Lord of the Underworld, Unwed Mothers, and 1,000 Years of House. Like the cranky TV doctor?

Lindsey has a new segment: GAY NEWS! But it fails because she is about 100 years behind on her gay news.

Then things get larger than life with Beat, Blow, Bring Home: Avengers Edition AND Royal Family Edition! Who's got dibs on Prince Charles, amirite??

Finally, our listener questions send Lindsey and Rachel down the rabbit hole of stalker stories.


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