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May 21, 2018

Listener Elizabeth gets her inquiries slayed and shredded! If you want the Bitches to rip tasty solos all over your queries, write us at:


Rachel is so f*cking pissed that kids are smoking cigarettes again.

Lindsey casually reveals she smoked PCP, was in a cult, and had a crush on her cousin.

Rachel is in love with a real device that simulates childbirth for men.

Lindsey went to a healer who cures cancer like Jesus.

Rachel has a new YouTube series called DRINK RESPONSIBLY that you should definitely watch.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: RuPaul's DRAGCON! Festival of the Char, Wild for the Planet, Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure Time, Casting "I Have A Secret"

BEAT, BLOW, BRING HOME: 90s Nerd Women Crush Edition and Disney Princess Edition!

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Jackie Chan's estranged teen daughter came out as gay, a lesbian teacher is put on leave after showing her future wife to the class, and a "rape shed" is discovered on private school grounds. YIKES.

Finally, listener questions reveal up-to-date celebrity crushes and thoughts on sleeping with dirty people.