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Jun 5, 2018

One Tree Hill fangirl Anabella gets a ton of questions answered, and the Bitches love every minute of it. Let them love up on your questions at:

Relationships are hard.

Rachel is single again and her break-up diet is wrecking her.

Lindsey just tripped balls in an ayahuasca ceremony, and her entire mind has been shifted.

Rachel and Lindsey are both considering moving to Atlanta.

Come for the naked emotional honesty, stay for informative Pride Month content, like:

TYPES OF LESBIANS: We define them all, from "emotionally unavailable" to Goldstar to Pillow Queen.

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Germany has asked for forgiveness for Nazi persecution of LGBTQ people.

GAY HISTORY: Where does the pink triangle symbol come from?

And, of course, all the old standbys:

TONIGHT IN LA: Prep for Pride! Museum of Selfies, Luxury Garage Sales, 143, African Day Party

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Seinfeld Edition!

And our listener questions lead to some One Tree Hill discussion, some pubic hair discussion, and some sorority girl discussion.

It's a big episode.