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Jun 19, 2018

Hedda gets her query unquizzled and Kat strikes fear with a Beat Blow Bring Home! Why don't you ask us some fear-inducing questions and see what we do?

The ladies are ready for a full time radio job.

Rachel declares Post Malone to be the Usher of his generation.

Lindsey was the guest on DRINK RESPONSIBLY, Rachel's kickass YouTube show, so YOU BEST GO WATCH IT.

Rachel is ready to be a Profesh Lez at Lindsey's fire-dancing European beach cafe.

Lindsey declares L.A. a third world country. The ladies debate the fine art of vacationing.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Luxury Garage Sale, Beer Week, Cat Art Show, DJ Moist is Back! and The Hot Club of LA. Bonus tangent: Americans are all slowly dying because of ice and pills!

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Get ready for the first-ever GAY ROYAL WEDDING! No lesbians though. Also, someone famous named Amandla Stenberg came out as gay, but neither Rachel nor Lindsey know who that is.

BEAT, BLOW, BRING HOME: Terrifying Edition (thanks Kat) and Ocean's 8 Edition!

Finally, listener questions reveal the Bitches' favorite bingeworthy shows...And some that NO ONE should be watching.


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