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Jul 23, 2018

Can someone PLEASE ask us for legit life or dating advice? The Bitches aren't here only to talk about themselves, they want to set your shit straight too! You have a shitty friend or a terrible mother or an apathetic crush, right?? will solve all your problems!

Rachel thinks the world is ending.

Lindsey thinks it's good the world is ending, it will "wake people up."

Rachel goes on a coherent banking rant.

Lindsey doesn't understand why LGBTQ films are so terrible.

Rachel HAS TO talk about G-Eazy's hair, which is a window into his broken soul.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Smokepurpp@Ohm, Procedure, XXL Freshman, LA Gift Home Market, Outfest!

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Netanyahu flip-flops on a gay law somewhere out in the world. Harry Styles sings 'We're all a little bit gay!' allegedly.

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: BeeGees Edition and Classy New Jersey Ladies Edition!

Super-fan Autumn sends us time-traveling with her listener questions.


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