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Jul 30, 2018

Guest Antwon Tanner is your hookup for the best medical marijuana in LA.

Antwon's also an actor on GET SHORTY for Epix, BLACK JESUS for Adult Swim, and Lifetime movie THE CHRISTMAS CONTRACT, but he won't give Lindsey or Rachel a job.

Rachel just returned from lesbian hotspot Hotel V in Palm Springs.

Lindsey is amazed at how small a flaccid penis can be.

Rachel has an audition today, but she still hits Antwon's weed pen like it's mid-afternoon on 420.

Lindsey claims to have felt up Jessica Biel's ass.

Antwon experienced a prison riot over bananas.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: PornHub Nation, What You Need To Know When It Comes To..., Machine Learning When It Comes To..., Rainstorm Brother, Trak Life 6-Year Anniversary Party

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Demi Lovato almost dead! Sodomy almost banned! Gay middle-aged men almost all single! Jason Mraz fully bi!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Historical Drama Edition, Jessie Biel Edition, Joel Kinnaman Edition, and a special All-Zoe Edition just for Antwon.

Also Lindsey might be wanting a baby or something, don't ask.


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