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Aug 6, 2018

Hedda gets her question answered! Don't YOU have a question? Don't YOU want The Bitches to give you dating advice, parenting advice, friendship advice, travel advice, and all around make your life a thousand times better? Only way that's going to happen is if you write us at: 

Rachel is done with Lindsey’s dog.

Lindsey has video evidence that time travel and/or extradimensional travel exists.

Rachel agrees that superpowers are real, she read a book about it.

The Bitches go deep on the possibility of superhuman abilities.

Rachel wants to be a drug dealer again.

Lindsey is not surprised that a bartender on ayahuasca revealed herself to be a spiritual goddess right in front of Rachel's eyes.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Alice In Wonderland Live, The Color of Air, Party Sub, X Ambassadors

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: The Affair Edition and GLOW Edition!

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Selling drugs while gay-dating! Israeli gay pride! A high schooler gets $80K for being gay! Alaska Airlines separates gays in order to unite straights! Hair flips are racist now!

Finally, a listener question leads to a scathing gay movie review, but more importantly (and not in any way related)…MURPHY BROWN IS COMING BACK!


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