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Aug 20, 2018

Do you know what makes the Bitches really sad? When you don't write in with your questions, YOU MONSTER. What did they ever do to you? Huh?! Unbelievable. For forgiveness, write us at: 

Rachel applies illegal hair dye to her eyeballs.

Lindsey threw a house party and it was just too much.

Rachel is having a birthday all month long.

Lindsey needs some "comic-book people" to close a deal.

Rachel stumbles onto a very specific gift request.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Rachel's Birthday! West Side Pride Wednesday, Magic With Rangel, Now Tasting Denim

GAYS IN THE NEWS: ScarJo is no longer stealing jobs from transgender actors! Activists make Russian gay pride soccer-flavored! Demi Lovato's drug cocktail revealed! Miss Universe goes trans!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: So You Think You Can Dance Edition and, somehow, Fast Food Edition!

Finally: Poor Humpty.


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