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Sep 24, 2018

Kayla peeps some kwestchies at the Bitches. Write'cher kwestchies in too, ya little poo-poo-peepers! But seriously, our e-mail address is:

Rachel didn't get wasted, she just totally feels like it.

Lindsey took her husband to Disneyland for the first time in his life, and it was terrible.

Rachel attended the Mothership Festival, which turned out to be a bacchanal of mass masturbation, Ozark stars, and glitter girls.

Lindsey traumatized a 4-year-old.

Rachel finally decides to make out with Lindsey!!

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Rosenberg, The Color of Air, Deep Space After Dark, Flamenco Dinner Theater

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Grindr gets kinder! Kenya goes Hollywood! Priest misses the point completely!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Girl Next Door Edition, Leading Lady Edition and Spicy Latin Edition!

Finally, listener questions lead us to kidnap Meryl Streep and break down the fine art of long, deep, wet kisses.


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