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Oct 2, 2018

The universe spun a Glitter Woman into Lindsey's path days after putting a Glitter Girl in Rachel's bed.

Rachel and Lindsey both get NDA'd good.

Lindsey learns about scooter-share programs.

Rachel has no leg to stand on with bike talk.

Lindsey and Rachel break down all the haunted houses you could ever want to know about.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Red Bull Straight Rhythm, The Apartment 009, Halloween Horror Nights, Creep

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Rafiki sells out! Olympic hockey rivals get married! Bill Cosby gets off light.

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Lindsey McKeon Girl Crush Edition! Plus, Stranger Things Edition!

Finally, Lindsey and Rachel review the Brett Kavanaugh situation and offer a VERY IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, before launching a full-on Tupac listening party.


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