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Oct 15, 2018

We got no love, no love, everyone hates us, everyone hates us!! Stop that sexy slow-jam from climbing up the charts by sending the Bitches your questions:

Lindsey gives Rachel nakedness tips for an upcoming sex scene shoot.

Rachel mentors local young lesbians on smoking weed.

Lindsey loves fried chicken fast food sandwiches.

Rachel talks about all the poop that's in your meat (not a euphemism).

Lindsey is looking to move so Rachel is moving too, we guess.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Namm Mondays, The Gin Game, Tiny Desk Talk LA, Geeks Who Drink, Moist Mondays

(NOT) GAYS IN THE NEWS: Lindsey highjacks her own segment to talk about the federal government suing California over net neutrality. She may not have all the facts, but what she does know inspires her and Rachel to a stirring celebration of American democracy!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: More of Lindsey's Girl Crush Editions! Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Edition!

Finally, Lindsey has cellulite conspiracy theories, Rachel has magic candles, plus they share some good old-fashioned titty-talk, and Megan Fox has toe-thumbs. Never forget. Never forgive.


WRITE US! We answer all questions, be they frivolous, serious, or scatalogical:

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