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Oct 24, 2018

Superfan Autumn rocks the Bitches with the questchiest questions. Questch your way into their hearts with a written missive postmarked to:

Rachel needs you to listen to the band STARS AT NIGHT, they’re so good you guys!

Lindsey’s grandfather recently passed, and a stray Tarot card messes with her inner peace over death.

Rachel got rolled by the TSA bomb squad, but it’s okay, it wasn’t any worse than her strip search in jail.

Lindsey recaps the horrific murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Rachel HAS to talk about A Star Is Born. HAS TO.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Haunted Hayride, Bootleg Bombshells 80s Night, The Mint Jam, Hot Tub Nights with Kurt and Kristen, Tetraology

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Cate Blanchett defends the straights! Social media turns against a gay Olympian! Adults literally threaten to murder trans students!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: A Star Is Born Edition! And shit gets weird with the Preggers Mom Edition!

Finally, a Halloween question dredges up embarrassing memories!


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