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Nov 5, 2018

Hedda, Kira, and amazing new person Mitchie have questchies! Thanks for being inquisitive dolls and writing us your missives at:

Rachel is very pop culture literate now that she's trying to keep up with a 25-year-old girlfriend.

Lindsey encountered the C-word, thanks to a coked-out misogynist at the American Film Market.

Rachel finds out what her problem is, thanks to Lindsey’s new therapist.

Lindsey does not know who Angela Bassett is and will not apologize for it.

TONIGHT IN L.A.: Ebi - The 50 World Tour, Inception, Funky Sole, For You Dig If You Will A Picture, Bar Sinister

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Grey’s Anatomy still breaking boundaries! Tanzania hunting gays, and not in a good way! Lesbian bars shutting down!

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Funny Lady Editions!

Finally, our new questioner gets existential with the Bitches, while an old friend takes us back in time for a walk on the wild side.

But Kira’s e-mail takes the cake, as she challenges the Bitches to a POWER HOUR to decide sexual orientation supremacy, once and for all. Will they accept the challenge?!


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