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Dec 5, 2018

Listener Maggie inspires some of our best content EVER with her question this week! Be an inspiration to the Bitches with YOUR smoking-hot inquiries, at:

Rachel gave Lindsey a gift – probably as an apology.

Lindsey claims a large portion of leather goods from China are made from dogs.

Rachel is obsessed with the clothing brand FRAME, and Lindsey could not be more excited that Rachel’s style is evolving.

Lindsey is giving her new credit card a workout.


Rachel debuts POP CULTURE NEWS, to keep up with the Beibs and such!

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Jaden Smith is gay! Shawn Mendes is bullied! An Australian commencement speech is FABULOOOOUS! WWE just got gayer! And get ready for a saucy new period drama about England’s first out lesbian!

BEAT, BLOW, BRING HOME: The Family Stone Editions!

Finally, Lindsey reviews all the worst lesbian stigmas, and one of our best listener questions leads to The Bitches' Guide to Moving to Los Angeles!


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