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Dec 10, 2018

Help the Bitches ring in the New Year by sending in your most top-shelf questions for 2019! We gon party like it’s 2099 up in this piece:

Rachel’s hungover again, guys. Jesus f**king Christ.

Lindsey has a serious question about lesbian underwear.

Rachel got her Tarot read for 2019, and shit is about to POP. THE F**K. OFF.

Lindsey tells the stories of her homeless boyfriend and her Saved by the Bell haircut (no relation).


POP CULTURE NEWS: Priyanka Chopra: Not a f**king princess. Matt Pinfield: Hit by a f**king car.

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Say hello to a gay governor, but BYE BITCH to an anti-gay president, a cross-dressing baby, and Kevin f**king Hart.

BEAT, BLOW, BRING HOME: Holiday Film Edition and 90s Sweetheart Edition!

All that, plus: Does Rachel puke live on-air?! The answer might surprise you.


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