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Jan 15, 2018

The Bitches want to answer your gay and straight questions: @mylindseymckeon, @rupaulson, or GayVStraightPodcast on Facebook.

Rachel got Botox, but Lindsey can't see the effects.

Lindsey's husband wants Posh Spice, but the best she can give him is Sporty. (gross)

Rachel denies dirty-dealing to boost her Instagram followers, but Lindsey's not convinced.

They're both psyched for Lindsey's first lesbian convention, ClexaCon, and they debate whether straight women are dumber than gay women due to infection by men.

Then, Lindsey's perpetual confusion threatens a Fictional Character Edition of Blow, Beat or Bring Home, featuring Ace Ventura, Napoleon Dynamite and Donald Duck.

Later, during Truth Or Dare, Rachel leaves her mom a screaming voicemail.

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