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Jun 12, 2018

Listener Anabella gets a second course of tasty, tasty answers. Serve the bitches your delicious queries at:

Lindsey is not using exclamation points anymore.

Rachel is fascinated by what ayahuasca has done to Lindsey.

Lindsey's dog needed a third surgery.

Rachel remembers the collision of a sound bath and a traumatic ear piercing.

Lindsey got a super-creepy e-mail from a work acquaintance, so she and Rachel compose the response live on-air!

TONIGHT IN LA: Taste Downtown Long Beach, Beach Fashion Week AND Meet-And-Greet, Triptease, Party Sub, Booby Trap, Big 'N' Tall Presents 'Bark'

GAYS IN THE NEWS: Lindsey is horrified to report what old-timey gay conversion therapy once included, leading to a serious convo about mental health.

BEAT BLOW BRING HOME: Lindsey's Favorite People Edition and Insta-Famous Edition!

Finally, our listener questions unpack Hollywood scandals and what it's really like to play in La La Land.